Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Time for a new post

… though I can't say I have much poetry news. I've been consoling myself over not having gone to AWP with the thought that we're going to Paris. Yes, indeedy, and we leave in three days. I'm totally freaking, though. Even though I've shopped 'till I dropped, arranged for a dogsitter, contacted my bank, learned how to turn off data on my iPhone, downloaded podcasts (and even Kindle for the Mac), and been practicing my French for months, I'm still freaking. I think I'm nervous that it won't turn out to be every little thing I want it to be. I'm worried that the four pair of shoes I'm taking for 10 days won't be the right shoes. I'm not even allowing myself to think of the money we're spending. We're going to Paris! I won't say how long it's been since I've gone to Paris, but let's just say that last time I went to Paris, my parents were paying!

Meantime, I'm awaiting the imminent publication of my book. Well, if not imminent, forthcoming. Only one reading locked in so far, and that's in September (Pegasus Books, Berkeley, 9/18, mes fans). Still waiting to hear from a few others, but I haven't really gotten out there asking. In May, I will be going down to L.A. and touring the bookstores with my sister. I hope to have, if not the book, by then, or a review copy, at least a postcard with ISBN and release date. I need to make an attempt to visit the Seattle/Portland areas. And then there's NYC. I'd like to arrange readings at any friendly bookstores in NYC around October 8 and maybe a few readings in Boston before or after that. Leads, clues, warnings, advice — all welcome.

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