Thursday, April 01, 2010

No Foolin'

It's been two months since I was laid off, and I have not gotten very far. The blog is still rudimentary, the thoughts in my head about how to proceed with it and with debuting my book are still hazy. Sure, I've had a rather momentous birthday, and we've been getting ready to go away (later this month). But why is it so hard to organize my thoughts? Perhaps I'm used to working on deadline, and my publisher (whose computer died, last month, among other things) has yet to give me any real date for when I'll see my book. I'm working on a new computer too. And I'm sure there are other psychological reasons why the actuality of my book eludes me.

Well, I've seen the third proof today and will send it back to my publisher tomorrow. I'd like to get a mockup of my cover, the ISBN, and a date, and I'll make a postcard up to send to anyone I've ever met — and maybe a few people I haven't met.

Meanwhile, anyone who has any tips on how to customize this blog, let me know. Right now I'm wishing I left well enough alone.

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