Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Some small progress

Yessirree, we're getting there. Just seventeen days to official publication, and I'm finally getting some momentum. Today I sent my publisher a corrected proof with only two tiny annoying not-really-errors (which I almost decided to skip, but then changed my mind). I'm sure there will be other errors I don't find. That's the way it is when humans do things.

But I've made my Facebook page. And a postcard with ordering information will be ready for me to pick up on Friday. Starting Saturday, I'm visiting Bay Area bookstores in hopes of lining up readings or at least finding out whom to talk to about such. I'm flying down to L.A. next week (got a $85 round trip — including taxes — flight). My sister has offered to shuttle me to bookstores there for the same purpose.

John and I are discussing a book launch party in a local coffeehouse. I admit I didn't want to have to do this; I wanted it to just happen. But this book hasn't been like that. It needs me to make things happen.

In other news: we've rescheduled the trip to Paris that the volcano cancelled. We're taking off May 26 now, though the question of who will mind the dog is not yet answered. Hard to concentrate on Paris when I'm launching the book. Hard to launch the book when I want to put energy toward being ready for Paris. But somehow it will all come together.

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