Friday, June 25, 2010

Cezanne's still life and mine

Maybe it's all this wet drippy fog (yes, a typical June). Maybe it's just the expected. But I am experiencing a definite letdown, anticlimax, maybe even depression. Conjugated Visits is out, and so what? I've done a bit to stir the waters; I'm sure I could do more.

I'm still awaiting delivery of my second box of books, having used up the first. If I promised you a book and/or you sent me your address, don't fret. I will send it.

I have sent off the new manuscript, Hue and Cry, to three places. While I was working on it, getting it ready to go out, I still felt productive and creative. Now, waiting, Conjugated Visits feels more than ever like history.

Did see the show of masterpieces from the d'Orsay that is now in SF at the de Young. That helped keep my mind off marketing and so forth for a while. BTW, has anyone out there ever worked as a museum guard? How long are the shifts, typically? No, not looking for this type of work, but could use the info for a new poem.

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Robert said...

Beautiful picture of the Cezanne! Maybe you can find stuff on security guards online? Here's one piece: And this job has a standard 8 to 5 shift: After 8 hours you have to wonder if they'd even notice if someone walked out with a painting!