Thursday, June 10, 2010

Back in the saddle, more or less

So we are back from Paris. Yes, it was wonderful. All the time I took reviewing and updating my French paid off. For the most part, I could partake in conversation and make myself understood. When I was tired, hurried, or hassled, my skills fell off. But for the most part, I did well.

We managed to do almost everything we needed to do and most of what we wanted to do. And the weather was mostly good.

I did take the computer but was very far away from personal and public realities for all ten days. I did not pay much attention to the news; I did not think about marketing my book. I didn't really write anything either — there wasn't time — although I did take notes for a new poem.

I was kind of hoping my box of books would be waiting here for me, but it's not. It should be here within a day or two. So the next thing I have to do is send out books to people on my acknowledgment page and give a price to other people who want to order through me because they want my signature. (I only get 20 free books and will have to pay shipping, so I can't give the book to everyone for free.)

I have lined up two readings in L.A. (fairly far into the future) and two in the Bay Area. I need to get more happening here, preferably in July or August, and I would really like to do readings in the NYC area (October is best), in Boston, and in Portland and Seattle. If you are reading in one of those places and think I might share billing, let me know. I will be eternally grateful.

I came home to a poem accepted by Harvard Review. That was heartwarming. I would just love to bury myself in the Hue and Cry manuscript and get it ready to send out. It's already almost there.

Oh, the photo (John's shot) is from Au Lapin Agile, the bar where Picasso et al. hung out in Montmartre.


Radish King said...

Picasso at the Lapin Agile!!! I have waited all my life for Steve Martin to come and ask me to marry him. He'd better hurry.

I can't wait for your book so hurry hurry.


Diane K. Martin said...

RK, I loved the play too, and I've done a lot of research on Picasso (and the women in his life), so it was really fun to actually see this.

The book is available already, from the publisher, Amazon, and B&N. Only I don't have my copies yet, just one advance one.

Hmm, maybe you know how I can get a reading in Seattle?

Mary Alexandra Agner said...

I don't have anything lined up (in the Boston area) this fall but I would be happy to set up a reading here for the both of us to headline in :) if you are interested.


Diane K. Martin said...


I'm interested. Can we back channel? My email is, well, it's all over, but I'll post it here as dianekmartin (at) sbcglobal (dot) come.

Mary Alexandra Agner said...

Diane, I emailed you at that address but it gave me a server error. Could you try emailing me at

Diane K. Martin said...

Email sent. I guess I messed up the email address. It's Not .com or .come (heh heh).