Sunday, October 22, 2006


Exploring the mountains of stuff at my mother's house yesterday, I found the first poem I wrote. I must have been all of six years old. I know I was too young to know how to write because my aunt wrote down the words for me. I guess I had a leaning toward the blues even then. Here it is:

Bees in the cupboard, cows in the corn
Bees in the cupboard, cows in the corn
I wonder where the dog was born

That's it. I could probably learn something from the economy of my early work. Obviously, I identified with the dog.


Diane K. Martin said...

Love it.

Beverly said...

I love this poem too. What a great start.

Pamela said...

What a find--this is fabulous. A cupboard of bees is a great description of a hive, too.

Thanks for posting this.

Robert said...

Wow, if only my later work were as popular. It's funny I can still remember what I was feeling when I wrote this: that the world was crowded and I wasn't sure there was room for me.

Anne said...

That's absolutely wonderful!