Monday, January 26, 2009

What's on Your Desk?

Here are some of the things on my desk:

1) A glass paperweight that used to belong to my mother, weird but unique
2) No fewer than five notebook / journals hardly written in
3) Squiggly dry seaweed driftwood
4) Two pieces of other driftwood
5) Two fabric lizards, lounging
6) Files and paid bills and letters held up by a pair of spherical wooden bookends that belonged to my father.
7) A black Santa Clara pottery bowl filled with shells and stones
8) A metal candy box filled with same
9) A small black plastic dog -- were two, one has gone missing
10) A glass jar filled with batteries to be recycled
11) Stationery boxes
12) Stapler, pens, pencils, and assorted crap

If you want to enumerate what is on your desk, consider yourself tagged.


Leslie said...

Is it a very big desk? That seems like a lot of stuff.

Have a great (and productive) time at VCCA, Diane

Diane K. Martin said...

Oh, yeah, it kinda is -- very long, because it has a leaf on each side that I keep out(open). But it's also in front of the window and a lot of what I enumerated is actually on the window sill.

I'm sure I'll get a lot more done at VCCA, even if the desk is smaller (three weeks until I go).

What's on your desk? C'mon!

Radish King said...

2 pencil holders stuffed full, 2 books of Radish King matches, a ruler, a cd that was left here by a student, an empty pill bottle with an I Killed Amanda Palmer pin inside, a Statue of Liberty letter opener whose lifted arm broke off and now the knife is inside her body, the directions for putting my new chair together, a cardboard coaster from effing press, a postcard/photo that I sent to myself of a man playing a violin and a very young boy watching from the Royal Photographic Society, Bath. The card reads Dear R, I love you. Every little thing is going to be ok, R. A packet of chai tea. A photograph of me holding the Surfer as a toddler, a Leonardo Da Vinci notepad from Venice, a 22 inch computer monitor, 2 tiny speakers, a wireless modem and a $12 phone that doesn't work except it hooks me up to my DSL. I don't really have a desk. I have a small antique table also with a leaf on each side that stay closed and beautiful beveled legs.


Diane K. Martin said...

Cool... I especially like the postcard.


Leslie said...

A very old postcard of Mt. Greylock, framed. A giant Herkimer diamond (about the size of a fist), a foo dog netsuke, a white wood box with my submissions index cards inside, two white ikea lamps, a wooden tray that holds cords and chargers for ipods, camera, printer, laptop, etc., my final changes to the copyedited version of my ms, my white ibook and a small black antique German box with a painting of the Virgin & Child on it.

All the non-tech, non paper stuff are talismans—first unpacked, last packed treasures.

Diane K. Martin said...

"All the non-tech, non paper stuff are talismans—first unpacked, last packed treasures."