Saturday, October 04, 2008

Roses on a rainy day

It rained last night here. First rain since, what, April? I lay in bed trying to figure out what the noise was.

Not much news in this corner lately, but I'm embarrassed by the dearth of posts in this blog. I hardly know what the point is, but anyway, today I'll post. It gives me the opportunity to show off my beautiful roses. They've opened out since Thursday, and their colors are the whole spectrum of apricot, from pink and creamy to nearly orange to hints of brown, like a sunset in a flower. This picture doesn't do any justice -- but there's only one photographer in this family and right now, he's still asleep.

We didn't do much for our anniversary (32!), but then we're going out on Monday to hear David Byrne and Brian Eno at Symphony Hall, and that was a bit of a splurge, so that will be enough. Besides, there was all that other entertainment on Thursday. (But I'm telling you, I'm going to bite my fingernails entirely off before this election's over.)

And I'm already biting them for other reasons. But I wasn't going to get into that again, until/when/if.



Beautiful!...and for you...

"love is the one who masters all things."

Mawlãnã Rumi.

greg rappleye said...

Congratulations and ....Congratulations!

Leslie said...

The roses are lovely, as is your description of them.

You bite your fingernails, I'll kee mine crossed for you.

Leslie said...

I meant keep. I'll keep mine crossed for you. And not just the nails. The entire fingers.


Diane K. Martin said...

Thanks. You're sweet.