Friday, June 22, 2007

First Day of Summer

Can it be that I've not posted here since May? -- and even then was circumspect and silent about what was going on. I was teaching a course that I hated (not poetry) -- someone else's program, from start to finish, and, I couldn't please that person nohow. The class has been blessedly over since Memorial Day. Then my work revved up into a new gear, and now I am working on staff (80% now, full time come July).

More about the job later. First, I want to post some exciting news: On Saturday, June 23rd, my poem will be featured on Poetry Daily. This is the poem that was published in Field last April, and that, in itself, was exciting. So many stressful things happening right now -- my son's wedding in three weeks, construction on our deck out back, the new job with its mega-commute -- and that's just part of it -- that I haven't been sending things out. So this is a real boon. The email came while I was at work and totally surprised me. I've had Poetry Daily as my home page for years, and it's been a dream of mine to be featured there. I hope you will read the poem, and I hope you will like it.

In other news … Robert's panel has been approved for AWP '08 in NYC. He'll be presenting on a panel on "poetry and religion" with Marianne Boruch, Laura Kasischke, Greg Rappleye, and Roy Jacobstein. I so want to be able to be there! I'm sure Robert will want to post the details as the day nears.


Peter said...

Congrats on the Poetry Daily!
And best wishes with the wedding.

Still have not heard about any of the panels I was up for at AWP. Fingers crossed . . .

Anne said...

Diane! I had just stumbled across your poem on Poetry Daily and was coming over here to make sure you knew about it. :) Congratulations! It's a lovely poem -- the voice reminds me a bit of Marge Piercy when she is at her best (I love her good poems, though I think she's woefully inconsistent).

greg rappleye said...


I just read your poem--and it is a wonderful poem--on Poetry Daily!

How cool!


Leslie said...

Me too, me too!

I loved the poem this morning! I read it without quite registering who wrote it (I think it was the inclusion of the middle name that threw me), and when I realized who it was I goteven more excited.

I came here to say how much I adored the poem and found you back on the blog!

I've missed your voice here and quite selfishly wish you back more often.

So yay!

Robert said...

What a great poem--I love that braised beast!

Anonymous said...


Sandra said...

I saw your poem on Potery Daily just now and came right over to the blog to congratulate you. (After reading and enjoying the poem first, of course!)

Sandra Beasley

shann said...

yes, Poetry Daily is such a great thing! Yeah for you!!

I posted the link on my blog, too!