Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Another garden post

Nothing actually poetry related to post here, though my NER came today, which is nice. All the poetry journals John got me for Xmas presents are coming home to roost, which is a good thing. I need to find time to read them before turning in at night, though. If I plan to read them in bed, I usually don't get very far before falling asleep. And I'm waiting for my FIELD to arrive -- with my poem in it, not that the world will change one bit, but it will be nice.

Today I am savoring being home and working in my office, overlooking our gorgeous garden that is sparkling in the sun after the morning's spring rain. I shouldn't say sun too loudly, or it will bring on the fog and the wind, no doubt. But you can't imagine how lovely it is to be here, especially with the very real possibility of not being here much longer. How I wish there were some way I could just work at home, editing or writing as the mood takes me. But it is not going to happen, and the stress of not having the wherewithal to pay the bills isn't fun either. I keep waiting for John to get that Great Big Contract that will lift us out of debt into the style to which we want to become accustomed, that of two not-so-young artists working at their art. I keep waiting to win the lottery too.

The Cecille Bruner rose bush has started to bloom. By May it will be covered with thousands of small, intensely pink, perfectly formed roses, no bigger than a quarter. The Douglas iris, the red Peruvian lilies, the periwinkle, the little pink and white daisy-looking things whose names I forgot--all these and more are blooming, and the Japanese maple, new green and tinged with red moves in the breeze like a creature breathing.

Greta likes her walks. And she likes nothing better on her walks than a well-kept lawn. Greta is a connoiseur of lawns. And she really shows her pleasure.


Leslie said...

Here we are having another winter storm. Sleet, rain, snow--together and by turns. Greta looks so happy in the sun and on the lawn! I swear, if spring ever comes here, I might try that. She looks that happy.

Diane K. Martin said...

Oh yes. But she doesn't get the lawns here, only out walking. Our garden is more the wild sort--stones and perennials. She likes that well enough, but it doesn't create the ecstasy a lawn does.

May your spring come soon!

greg rappleye said...


You have a poem in FIEJD!

How cool is that?


greg rappleye said...


I meant "FIELD"!

Diane K. Martin said...

Thanks, Greg. It was accepted last September, and I really want to see it to believe it myself.