Thursday, February 01, 2007

A good evening

Last night was a really good evening here on my high, gray hill. (BTW, someone stole the new and enormous red "Dead End" sign, recently at the foot of the hill. I imagine the sign is decorating some dorm room somewhere.) Well, I came back from class, survivor that I am, and John was home about five minutes later. Over a bottle of 2-Buck-Chuck Shiraz and a baked frozen Trader Joe's pizza, John told me the good news. The SF Opera director, David Gockley is pushing for John's photography, has told "his people" to make the show happen. Oh, it won't happen right away. They need more of the divas represented, they want every opera photographed. (John has photographed principals, chorus, and supers in costume -- gorgeous and unusual detailed portraits that knock you out.) But he's got a virtual guarantee now that it will happen. John has been working on this so long and so hard. It is just wonderful news.

As for me, I've got a bad cold, have used up enough tissues to deforest a small forest. I very rarely get sick, and I'm fairly annoyed that I have. I was planning on going out this morning to distribute fliers for my City College C.E. poetry workshop that starts in March, but I'm probably going to stay in with my green tea and my space heater, the fog outside in the city and inside my head.

Here's an article from the Boston Globe about what eleven poets are reading. What are you reading?



Robert said...

That's an interesting reading list in the Boston Globe, but it kind of makes me wish someone would just say they've been reading Stephen King's latest (Lasey's Story) and ... lovin' it.

Diane K. Martin said...

C'mon, so what are you reading? I have a feeling it's not Stephen King.

Peter said...

This past week:
Art in America Feb 2007 issue
Natural Mandalas, Lisa Tenzin-Dolma
Ooga-Booga, Frederick Seidel
Poetry Feb 2007 issue
Blue Colonial, David Roderick
The Case Against Happiness, Jean-Paul Pecqueur

What are you reading?

Diane K. Martin said...

Peter, thanks for responding. I'm reading (in my cold-in-the-head and attention-deficit way):

Poetry Feb 2007 issue (though I confess to reading the prose first)
Kenyon Review, Winter 2007
NER, last one in 2006

(All of these were new or renew subscriptions I got for Xmas.)

The Making of a Poem, Strand and Boland, in prep for my upcoming workshop
various student proposals and the course reader for my technical writing class