Saturday, December 16, 2006


Hard to believe we're going to the Sing-Along Grease today at the Castro theater. Annie and three of her friends, Linda and I and two of our friends. Love that movie but I'm not sure about this. Also hard to believe I'm going to wear a little knee-length pleated skirt and a fuchsia-colored boat-neck sweater. Linda's wearing a leather jacket and white T-shirt and plans to do something icky with her hair. I'm sure we won't be the only grey-haired Greasers there. The audience will be as entertaining as the show. Annie is being very tolerant. At 14 I wouldn't have gone out in public with my parents dressed like their high school days.

Will report back later.


Robert said...

So how was the Sing-Along? We got a call from a friend today who wants to go see it with us so we may go too. Those outfits sound pretty hot! You should wear yours the next time you give a reading.

Diane K. Martin said...

Yeah, we want a report!

Beverly said...

It was totally fun, costume or no costume. It's a great movie for spanning the generations--same issues just the look changes. John Travolta's amazing. Yes, I felt sad putting my little pleated skirt away.