Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Process of De-Orphanization

I just found online the Library of Congress description of my book. The Library of Congress reviewer must either be drunk or else have a very post-postmodern perspective.

Publisher Description for Dragging the Lake / Robert Thomas

With more than half of drug targets based on GPCRs, translating into billions in worldwide sales, there is great interest in finding high-resolution structures for recombinantly expressed GPCRs, discovering novel drug interactions, and designing tailor-made, structure-based drug therapies that display improved efficacy and selectivity with lesser side effects. This book describes the physiological role of GPCRs and their involvement in various human diseases. Chapters present current approaches in drug discovery that include target selection, establishment of screening, functional assays for GPCRs, and the continuous de-orphanization process of orphan GPCRs. The book also covers recombinant GPCR expression for drug screening and structural biology, different methods to obtain structural information on GPCRs, and the importance of bioinformatics.


Diane K. Martin said...

Haha! Awfully nice of you to de-orphanize orphan GPCRs.

But I must say, you're taking this well. Aren't you a tiny bit upset?

Beverly said...

Gosh Robert I only got a little hit of that from reading your book. Now I feel like a really poor reader.

Robert said...

Aha, I sent a message to the Library of Congress and they took down the description and moved it to the correct book (which is why the link doesn't work anymore).