Thursday, August 10, 2006

Ashland Idyll

Linda, Annie and I are in Ashland at the theater festival where life is good. We have a suite overlooking Lithia Creek (could it be lithium in the water? is that why everyone's so mellow?). These days we have to get a suite in order to have some separateness between the teenager and the parents. We've seen 3 plays, one more tonight. We had dinner last night at an Italian restaurant (Cucina Biazzi) that not many tourists here know about, off the beaten track, but as good or better than any in the Bay Area. We heard about it from a friend in Mt Shasta.

So, the theater. Actually the options were disappointing this year. We've seen three, one more tonight ("Bus Stop"). "Intimate Apparel," about a black seamstress in Lower Manhattan in the early 1900s, was very good. "The Importance of Being Earnest" not so good (both female leads BAD), and "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" (which Annie chose) way better than expected. Great performances, but even better, a nuanced exploration of the mind through a Victorian lens. The mind being one of my favorite subject (e.g., former posts), I was happy. I'd expected something a little more heavy-handed, good and evilish.

It's easy to be happy here, even with a cranky teenager in tow. Weather in the 70s, everyone here for the plays, abundant good food, lovely valley ringed with mountains, and the backstage tour fascinating. Just a little unreal. Sort of like going to the Napa Valley conference only you don't have to produce anything.


Diane K. Martin said...

Ooh, Beverly, sounds lovely. Idyll indeed. Although it has been unseasonably warm and sunny in
SF -- and you know, in SF that's not a bad thing.

Robert said...

Yeah, it sounds wonderful. I envy you being there. The only bad thing about Ashland is the 100 degree weather over summer, so if it's in the 70s, you've got it all!

C. Dale said...

Yes, Napa had those assignments daily. And I hear some of the teachers gave hellish ones!

Beverly said...

Yeah, I don't really know how people put up with some of the assignments they were given. Just masochists I guess.