Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Happy to be back

Yes, I was away. We left at the crack of dawn on Friday and came back late last night, in time to wish our son Happy 24th Birthday for one hour--before we would have had to have waited for #25. Greta G., pooch in residence, was ecstatic upon our return. She shed so much fur around the house (stress? just because?) you would have thought she would be naked, but actually there was still quite a bit on her scruffy self. I've been taking breaks from work (I have to, to stay awake) and walking about picking up the clumps of the stuff. Haven't I just made it sound attractive in case I ever need someone out there to dogsit?

Back East was okay (Belmont, Mass.), but going away just makes me glad to come home to California. I know people will throw things at me for saying this, but people are just nicer here. Coffee is better. You can find places to go for a walk--paths, sidewalks. To be fair, the motel was in an area of mostly biotech companies, and I did find a nice bike path to walk on, at least by the time I had to head back, but mostly cars ruled. I have to say that the area was gorgeous--everything in bloom: lilacs, dogwood, azalea... The wedding--did I mention we went back for a family wedding?--was in an Audubon sanctuary, which was stunning. How do birds know to come to the sanctuary? Don't know, but I tell you the word was out. Those birds were singing, chirping, shouting out to each other. They were only overpowered, during the ceremony on Sunday, by the thunder. Still, the rain held off during the couple's vows (and no one missed the minister's homily). It was lovely. I was the matron of honor, a first for me, and I kind of got a kick out of it despite looking (I thought) like a shiny midnight blue sausage in my dress. I had midnight blue satin three-inch strappy heels on too, and by the end of the day I was nearly in tears from the pain. Back at the motel, the power was out, so I unstrapped them and wriggled out of my dress in the dark.

It was a third wedding for her, a second for him. Altogether six grown-up children of the bride and groom.

Came back to an "I am sorry" letter regarding the Bread Loaf Scholarship. Although my vanity was warmed by (another!) finalist status and having made it to the final round, that fact doesn't do much for me. Still, it's just as well. With another two trips Back East already planned in the next few months, I could hardly have afforded the room and board or airfare if I had got in. Just bitter about what it takes to make it these days. I guess there's nothing special about me, or not enough buzz, or something.

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