Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What happened yesterday

About a year ago, I got a message from the folks at Lunarpages, my web hosting service, that my "Advanced Guestbook" was vulnerable to exploits. Apparently, it could "be hacked to gain access to the guestbook's administrative area and upload a php mailer script, which in turn sends out mass numbers of PayPal phishing emails." Well, the Guestbook being more trouble than it was worth, and the blog being more fun, though I have my doubts sometimes that anyone reads it, I revamped the website so that there wasn't a Guestbook any more. I didn't delete it from the server at Lunarpages. I guess I knew I should, but I never got around to it.

Well, yesterday, I got an email restating the above nastiness and telling me that my "account was running 13+ mysql processes continuously due to this script, causing high load and almost crashing your server" and so my account was suspended. Okay, so that got me off my ass and I remedied the situation. Nevertheless, they had the site under observation until the early hours of this morning.

Now we're back up -- and maybe more important -- the sky is blue and the sun is out!

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