Saturday, March 11, 2006

Check Out Poetry Daily Today!

Go to Poetry Daily. Robert's got a poem there from his new book!


Robert said...

Thanks, Diane, and thanks, Poetry Daily, for raising my Amazon sales rank to #128,053 for a day, up from its usual position somewhere in the 500,000's to which I imagine it will soon return.

Anonymous said...

No, thank *you* for this poem, Robert ;). I said more about it on my weblog . Peg alford

Robert said...

Thanks, Peg, for the kind comments on your blog. (I tried to comment there but couldn't figure out how to log on.) Yeah, why do some people hate blogging so much? Are they really working 24 hours a day on their epic masterpiece and have contempt for us mere mortals who take a few minutes out to waste time on a blog?