Saturday, December 03, 2005

Everyone's got needs...

I realize that this is not exactly a profound first blog posting. But I'm far too agitated by sleep deprivation and baby-gear shopping to post anything of depth. In lieu of such, I offer:

Lisa needs a stable environment, love and attention.
Lisa needs a tree.
Lisa needs braces.
Lisa needs a bigger grin and lots more warmth from an overly conscientious Julia Roberts.
Lisa needs to more clearly communicate to clients how they can benefit from LISA membership.
Lisa needs to go to the museum tomorrow, and I think you should take her.
Lisa needs a miracle healing.
Lisa needs a kick in the arse.
Lisa needs to be attended by trained medical personnel.
Lisa needs Help! Will you help Lisa out?

All true, save the braces (had those for 6 years, and boy are my teeth straight). I especially like the idea of offering my clients membership, with its many clear and compelling benefits.


Robert said...

Ha! Please send an application to LISA. Does it require GRE scores?

louise said...

Hey Lisa-- I had dinner w/ Gina last night and she shared with me you and Erich's good news. How exciting!!! Congratulations!! love, Louise

Diane K. Martin said...

Hey Lousie, if you saw Lisa these days, you wouldn't think she'd have much of a chance of keeping her news secret! :)

Lisa, glad to see you posting! Hurray!


Lisa said...

Is that a nice way of saying "boy, she's getting big"? :->

(Actually, I am - and Louise, thanks for your congratulations; thought I'd told you! Anyway, baby's due 2/11 or so... let's talk soon...)

In (somewhat) poetry-related news: Very glad I'm cutting back to half-time work in a few weeks. Hoping to steal some poetry time in the last 2 months before the deluge.

louise said...

Hey Lisa-- I think maybe you still have my old email addy or something.
I'm my name @ either hotmail or aol now

I bet you look radiant!!