Thursday, June 02, 2005

SWEET TO BURN wins Lambda prize!

Announcement: Beverly Burch's Sweet to Burn, which won the Gival Poetry Prize for 2004, has just won the Lambda Literary Foundation prize for 2005.

Congratulations Beverly!


Robert said...

Congratulations, Beverly! Sweet to Burn was up against some serious competition, as the other nominees were Antidotes for an Alibi by Amy King, Femme’s Dictionary by Carol Guess, The School Among the Ruins by Adrienne Rich, and Why I Wake Early by Mary Oliver!

C. Dale said...

Who won for the guys?

Diane K. Martin said...

I don't know. We posted this announcement because (though it's not immediately apparent) Beverly is in our poetry group--though she doesn't blog. Anyway, she was informed of the good news by her publisher.

Anne said...

C. Dale, Diane, et al., Written in Water by Luis Cernuda was the winner on the men's side.

Congratulations to Beverly -- and this reminds me that hers is a book I've been meaning to pick up!

Diane K. Martin said...

Thanks, Anne, for the info. You will enjoy Beverly's book.

beverly said...

Thank you for all the congratulations. It really surprised me. I can't believe (now) that I didn't go to New York. BTW, I just got the e-mail from Napa that I'll be in C. Dale's workshop. I look forward to it.

C. Dale said...


Congrats. And we will meet in Napa soon enough!

Everette said...

I just finished reading "Sweet to Burn," and I burned with desire, tears in my eyes, wide grin on my face. I am about to begin MFA Program in Writing at Vermont College, and what you do in this collection makes me want to translate longing, and lasting long, as well as you.

Wow! In the company of Rich and Oliver!

Would love to see you read, live!

Bless you for writing.